Art connects us with nature and the spiritual universe.


Jordana Rene's artwork is indeed reflective of nature and spirituality. For many years Jordana's work has been influenced by the fluidity of nature's elements - movement evidenced in the ocean, mountains, fire, wind, and rain, as well as rituals in Judaism. More recently, her pieces have also been inspired by the culture and philosophies of the far East.

Jordana functional artwork is created in clay, using a variety of techniques and firing methods. Her paintings involve oils, mixed media, watercolor, and pastels. One of Jordana's specialty areas is custom design. She especially enjoys working with her clients to identify a new design or glaze technique that meets their interests. Her commissions include artwork designed for homes from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.

Jordana has also exhibited her ceramic work and multimedia pieces at venues throughout the Los Angeles area. She teaches art and Judaic studies to children and has led workshops on the use of art as a tool for insight in religious studies. Jordana has studied art at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado, Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, and Candili Mountain Pottery in the village of Procopi, Greece. She is a member of the American Ceramics Society.