Ceramic Art | Painting | Handmade Books

Jordana Rene employs a variety of media and methods in her artwork. Described below are several of the techniques utilized in the artist's ceramic artwork, painting, and creation of handmade books.

Ceramic Art
Jordana Rene handsculpts each piece of art out of stoneware or porcelain. She bisque fires the art and then glazes the piece using one of a variety of methods, including Raku, Saggar firing, Pit firing, hi and low temperature glazes, and lustres. Each of these methods creates a distinct look.

Hi temperature glaze firings use gas kilns and create pieces that are very rich in depth and color.

  Low temperature glaze firings use electric kilns and typically create a polished look.
  Raku is a Japanese method of firing in which pieces are removed from the kiln when red-hot, placed in a container of newspaper or sawdust to catch on fire, and then covered for the duration of burning and smoking. This oxidation-reduction process leads to spectacular metallic effects.
  Pit-firing is a process in which pieces are fired in an open pit, surrounded by organic materials such as seaweed and driftwood. The interaction of these materials during firing leads to dramatic natural color effects. Saggar firing is similar; pieces are placed in an enclosed container (or saggar) surrounded by the natural elements, and then the saggar is placed in a gas kiln.

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The artist's paintings include the use of oils, watercolors, pastels and mixed media elements. Most of her paintings involve an intuitive process in which the images emerges as the painting evolves.

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Handmade Books
Jordana Rene utilizes a variety of handmade papers in her books, such as banana and mango leaf paper from Thailand. The books are hand sewn and joined with Raffia, bamboo and other natural materials.

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