Following are examples of e-mails and letters that Jordana has received from some of her customers:

We absolutely love our sushi set --- but you may need to rename it! So far we've used it for artichokes, cheese and crackers, fruit and cheese …and of course sushi!
The Tight Family, Los Angeles, California

The mezuzzahs arrived and how great they came out! The bedroom pieces are fantastic and the kitchen pieces are wonderful. I can't wait to get home and put them up! Once again, you did a wonderful job and thanks so much to enhance our beautiful home with your beautiful creation.
L. Spivak, Kowloon, Hong Kong

I just received your beautiful Hebrew meditation letters -- thank you so much! You are very inspired.
M. Robbins Dexter, Van Nuys, California

Well, the seder plate arrived this a.m. in Atlanta and it is already on their table!! Everybody loves it and I will see it tomorrow. I hear it's "gorgeous".
G. Zanwill, New York, New York