Working with the artist to custom design a piece can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Jordana Rene's commissions have included mezuzzahs, seder plates, challah plates, sushi plates, and other items. In each case, she works with the client to identify the look and feel desired, based on color and style preferences and design elements within the client's home (or home of the recipient if the piece is a gift).

Given this information, Jordana conceptualizes a number of design, style and glaze options which she offers and discusses with you (via phone and/or email). From here, Jordana creates your special piece.

Jordana's commissions can be found in homes from Bel Air to Hong Kong. If you are interested in having Jordana custom design a piece for you or a gift for someone special, click here.

Following are some examples of the artist's custom design work:

The Geller Family: Seder Plate

The Geller's home and taste reflected a natural, earthy style, with a lot of natural stone. Jordana designed their seder plate to have a natural, stonelike feel using a dark clay body. The rich glaze is met by an unglazed stonelike feel on the edges of the piece. This earthy edge meeting the shiny surface, along with the rectangular shape, was designed to connote the crossing of the red sea, symbollic of the exodus of Passover.


The Spivak Family: Custom Mezuzzahs for Home

The Spivak family comissioned Jordana to create mezuzzahs for their home in Hong Kong, and 3 years later for their summer home in Toronto. Through email correspondence, Jordana gathered information about the decor of each room, and developed concepts for mezuzzah styles and glazes to compliment each room.



The Spivak's Toronto Home

Entrance to the Dining Room

The mezuzahs for the dining room were designed to match the dark wood of the lower portion of the walls and the dining room table and compliment the textured chinese red on the upper walls. The lighter hints of glaze highlight the white marble floor.



Interior of the Main Floor

Sculpted in porcelain, these mezuzzahs were designed as a family to each work with light yellowish paint on the walls and brass hardware, and also compliment a specific room.

Designed to highlight the black marble floor of the hallway, the mezuzzah on the far left is glazed to produce wonderful shades of brown and black, with touches of metallic specs, and was designed to highlight the black marble floor. The kitchen mezuzah is glazed with a translucent green glaze to compliment the lime green color walls and black marble floor of the kitchen. The mezuzahs for the family room and office are desigend to compliment the oak paneled walls oak floors, and brass trims. The glazing technique and reduction firing process provides a fluid design with various shades of the glaze color.



Upstairs bedrooms
The mezuzahs for the upstairs are made of a low-fire white clay body to match the white satin finish of the door trim. Each is painted with a corresponding underglaze paint to match the walls of each room.


Exterior of Home
The two mezuzahs for the home exterior are sculpted out of a gray cone 10 clay body called "granite" designed to match the gray brick. They have been high fired in an oxidation firing without glaze to produce the stone like feel.


The Spivak's Hong Kong Home

Kitchen Mezuzzahs

Raku was selected as the firing method for these mezuzzahs to create colorful metallic sheens, complimenting the stainless steel applicances in the kitchen area.



The master bedroom, boys and girl's rooms were all created with an opalescent lustre finish with silver highlights. The boys mezuzzah has a hint of light blue and the girls pink.