A dreidel, or sivivon in hebrew, is a four-sided spinning top used in a "gambling" game on the holiday of Hanukkah. Each letter symbolizes the portion of the coins (or candy, peanuts, etc) that they player gives or receives when the dreidel lands. The letters NUN, GIMMEL, HEY, and SHIN, together stand for the phrase "A great miracle happened there."

Each of Jordana Rene's dreidels - made for display and not actual spinning - is created as a sculpture in honor of the miracle of Hanukkah. Each draidel is sculpted from individual slabs of clay which are joined to form a hollow center, and fired through one of several unique firing methods, including raku, saggar firing, opalescent lustres, and horsehair firing.

A sampling the artists dreidels are illustrated below. Dreidels can be ordered in various sizes, as well as custom color combinations and styles.

  Saggar fired
$90 - $160




  Opalescent Lustre
available in silver or gold
$120 - $180



Raku fired
$180 - $225

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