One of the key symbols of Passover, the unleavened bread Matzoh represents both afflication and freedom, as well as spiritual purity and trust in G-d. We are required not only to eat Matzoh during the seder, but also to explain it's significance. Traditionally, three matzohs are placed on on the matzoh plate; In recent times, some add a fourth matzoh to represent and bring hope for those still in oppression today.

Sandstone - Two piece
This unique "two piece" matzoh plate is broken in half just like the Afikomen is broken. A great conversation piece, and especially loved by children!



Sandstone - Matzoh

Matzoh plate with Sandstone design is reminiscent of the dessert to enhance the feeling like we are making a personal Exodus journey.



Sandstone - Al Achilat Matzoh

Similar to Matzoh plate above, but the ending words of the matzoh blessing, "on the eating of the matzoh" are sculpted into the design.


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