inscribe them on the doorposts of your house and upon your gates...

Deuteronomy 6:9, 11:20

The mezuzah, a special parchment containing the words of the Shema and Ve-ahavta prayers, serves as a reminder of the Jewish people's covenant with G-d. The mezuzzah is placed at the doorpost of the home exterior, and traditionally each room inside the home. Over the years, it has become customary to place the scroll inside a beautiful covering.

Jordana Rene offers a variety of mezuzzah styles, created with the artist's various firing methods. Mezuzzahs can be special ordered with custom glazes and designs to match the decor of an individual home.



  Dancing Torah
The style of these mezuzzahs are like a Torah "dancing with joy." Opalescent Lustre fired with touches of gold or silver.

$40 - $60





Flames of Passion
Raku fired creating a spectacular metallic color effect.

$50 - $80


Reaching Upward
Sculpted with the hebrew letter Shin, representing G-d's name. Saggar and Pit fired, surrounded by seaweed, creating a natural stone like finish.

$40 - $75


Black Marble
Handcarved with curved angles. Saggar and Pit fired surrounded by sawdust creating a beautiful black finish.

$40 - $60

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