The Seder plate is a key symbolic ritual piece during the holiday of Passover. The tangible items on the Seder plate are utilized so that we might feel like we are each personally going through the Exodus to freedom ourselves. Experiencing this through the tastes, smell, touch and visuals of each of these items is a vastly more powerful experience than just hearing a story read. The Seder plate thus provides for each of us an "interactive" personal experience with the Passover story.


From Sand to Sea
This unique seder plate offers an Asian style and modern look to the seder table. Symbolically, the design reflects the crossing of the red sea. Available in various magnificient color combinations.



Asian Night Sky I
Elegant contemporary design with movable red plates on a black platter. May be special ordered in other glaze colors.



Asian Night Sky II
Stunning large platter with individual movable dishes. Available in Blue Jazz pattern (shown), or in assorted glazes, as illustrated below.


Asian Night Sky II, variation
Stunning large platter with individual movable dishes. Shown here in assorted glazes.


Beautiful springtime green and round fluid shape compliments many of the themes of Passover seder.






Opalescent Lustre Seder Plate
Jordana's opalescent lustre seder plate is traditional, yet elegant. One of her most popular pieces! The seder plate is lustre fired with a mother of pearl lustre, and additional touches of silver or gold.

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