hamozi lechem min ha'aretz

who brings forth bread from the earth

Traditionally, the Shabbat table includes two loaves of challah, called lechem mishne. These two loaves commemorate the double portion of manna that the Israelites gathered on the sixth day to last them though the Sabbath. (Exodus 16:22).

Jordana Rene's Challah Plates are beautiful pieces waiting to adorn your table on the Sabbath.


Desert Haze Challah Plate
This unique high fire glaze creates spectacular patterns with hints of metallic.
Available by special request in other glazes

High fire stoneware


Midnight Sky Challah Plate
This elegant glaze effect is created by the artist waxing and carving the words of the blessing and then pouring additional copper glaze into the carved space.
High fire stoneware



Classic Challah Plate
Low fire stoneware


Opalescent Lustre Challah Plate
Low fire stoneware with opalescent lustre
Available in silver or gold

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