Colors and Styles | Hebrew Words and Sayings

These special stones with Hebrew words are unique pieces of art that offer aesthetic beauty and an invitation for us to pause … and reflect upon what is most important to us.

  Stones have been a powerful spiritual force throughout the centuries, from the monument of stones erected where Jacob dreamed his famous dreams, to a “gushing rock” appearing throughout the desert.

These unique meditation stones were designed by the artist as a way to integrate the beauty and form of ceramic art with the spiritual significance of stones and meditation. Each "stone" is handsculpted out of clay and glazed with one of the following beautiful glazes.



Colors and Styles





Sea Green

  Greek Isle

Purple/Blue Fantasy

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image coming soon   Moonstone


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Available Hebrew Words and Sayings


Peace     Success
Spirit     Honor
Truth     Wisdom
Beauty     Understanding
Grace     Forgiveness
Lovingkindness     Courage
Hope     Health
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